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Our Issues

Conservation Colorado Education Fund seeks to protect what makes our state unlike any other: our spectacular natural environment. Our magnificent mountains, clear rivers, and wide open blue skies are rivaled by none. The stunning granite spires of Browns Canyon, the lush wildflower meadows of the Maroon Bells, and the seemingly endless sagebrush sea that expands across northwest Colorado provide us with a truly exceptional quality of life.

Unfortunately, an array of anti-conservation interests, coupled with environmental risks such as accelerating climate change, threaten to harm the state we love. We need to work together to protect the Colorado we cherish.

Climate Change

The excessive burning of fossil fuels has led to a global crisis — our planet is warming and we need to take action to stop it. Pollution has turned our atmosphere into  a “greenhouse,” which holds the sun’s energy in, causing increased temperatures and worsening natural disasters around the world, including Colorado. We have seen rising temperatures, water shortages, prolonged droughts, and explosive wildfires. We know climate change is impacting our environment and public health — particularly children, the elderly, and minority communities — the time for our elected leaders to address this crisis is now.

Clean Energy

The benefits of Colorado’s clean energy economy have long been the envy of other states — now we need to ensure that our past achievements create a strong future by continuing to invest in clean renewable energy such as solar and wind. We also work to promote access to clean energy to ensure that all Coloradans can have affordable, reliable energy that does not pollute our environment.  Our leadership on clean energy is vital because Coloradans know how important it is to work together, and we need to bring that value into building our future.


For Coloradans, water is not only an essential resource but also critical to our economy and quality of life. From fishing and recreation in our rivers and lakes to agricultural and urban uses, we rely on our water sources — and they are seriously threatened. Climate change, drought, and increasing demand mean that we need to find smart solutions rather than using it like there’s no tomorrow. To that end, we work to improve statewide water policies in order to protect our economy and our treasured waterways. It is possible to protect our rivers and conserve water while ensuring our communities and economies thrive.

Dirty Fuel

Colorado has seen an unprecedented boom in oil and natural gas drilling. This heavy industrial activity has had real impacts on Coloradans’ air, water, wildlife, and communities. We have worked hard to enable Coloradans and their local governments to have increased oversight of drilling and fracking near homes, schools, and places of business. Our health, property values and our unique Colorado quality of life are at stake. We have also worked hard to make sure existing operators are held accountable for their pollution and impacts on Coloradans. In 2014, we organized and helped pass historic clean air protections to address harmful methane pollution and other air toxins from oil and gas facilities and pipelines.  

Wilderness and Public Lands

Our state is lucky to contain some of the most stunning vistas in the world. They fuel our tourism and recreation economies and provide us with a quality of life that is one of the highest in the nation. Colorado’s outdoor heritage is an integral part of what makes us unique, but our lands are facing increasing challenges from the effects of climate change, extractive industries, and those who want to sell our lands off to the highest bidders. In the face of these obstacles, we plan to redouble our work to preserve our most cherished places for future generations.