Cory Gardner Friend of Big Oil and Polluters not Colorado’s Environment or Quality of Life

Conservation Colorado commented today on the announcement of U.S. Representative Cory Gardner (R-CO-4) entering the 2014 race against current popularly elected U.S. Senator Mark Udall (D-CO).  Representative Cory Gardner’s voting record and public statements on conservation and energy issues show he is out of step with the vast majority of Coloradans who support protecting our air, land, and water.

“Today, big oil and big polluters are opening their check books and looking to cash in their long time support of Representative Cory Gardner,” said Pete Maysmith Executive Director, Conservation Colorado. “Tea Party darling Cory Gardner – who has been great on quips but short on substance – has a record in the Colorado legislature and US Congress of advocating for big polluters over environmental protection and for dirty energy over the future of clean renewable wind and solar energy.”

Gardner has been a key player in a United States Congress known for its lack of productivity, historically low approval ratings, and draconian environmental legislation.  Gardner’s  lifetime score from of 9% from the League of Conservation Voters highlights a record of working to overturn or weaken landmark environmental laws like the clean air and water act.  He has introduced legislation like the “Oil Above All” Energy Strategy that prioritized the nation’s largest oil and gas companies’ interests on our public lands over our health and natural heritage.

In the State legislature, Gardner was known for being an attack dog rather than a bridge builder. Toeing the line of his tea party supporters, Gardner earned a 32% lifetime score from the conservation community.  He voted consistently to prevent reform of Colorado’s oil and gas industry’s oversight and regulation and voted against broadly supported and now extremely successful efforts to increase renewable energy standards to 30%.

Recently, Gardner has been wasting his time attacking Colorado’s wildlife claiming that the endangered preble’s jumping mouse was delaying flood reconstruction projects. Like most of Gardner’s bluster this accusation proved to be entirely false.

“In poll after poll, Coloradans are enthusiastic about supporting candidates who support greater use of renewable energy and who support protections for our public lands and open spaces,” said Maysmith.  “Gardner’s record is one of working to put the profits of big oil companies and polluters over the health of Coloradans and protecting our environment. Cory Gardner is far outside the mainstream of Coloradans who want to protect our unique quality of life, not put it in harms way.  In contrast Senator Udall has mirrored Coloradans desires and has been a leader in protecting Colorado’s natural heritage and advocating for clean wind and solar energy.”


For Immediate Release: March 1, 2014
Contact:  Chris Arend, Conservation Colorado, 303-605-3483 or 303-908-7910 (cell)