Conservation Colorado announced dozens of candidate endorsements for the 2016 election today. These included a number of returning champs who have consistently led on conservation issues and had over 85% lifetime scores on the organization’s annual legislative scorecard as well as an emerging champ who clearly holds strong conservation values and is expected to be a conservation leader.  In addition, the group rolled out endorsements of select local candidates across the state who have been leaders on conservation issues at the county level.

“We are thrilled to announce our endorsement of these pro-conservation candidates and look forward to working more closely with them on their campaigns,” said Becky Long, Advocacy Director with Conservation Colorado.  “We are fortunate to have so many excellent candidates who are passionate about conservation issues and know how to get things done at the Capitol and at the local level.”

“Conservation Colorado is dedicated to helping elect pro-conservation legislators and local leaders who will make conservation values a priority at the state legislature and local levels,” said Conservation Colorado Board member and chair of the Endorsement Committee, John Loewy.  “We believe these endorsed candidates have the smarts and savvy to achieve conservation wins and make our state a leader on the most critical environmental issues of our time, such as climate change.”

Here is the full list of endorsed candidates:

Returning Champions:

Susan Lontine, HD 1
Alec Garnett, HD2
Dan Pabon, HD 4
Crisanta Duran, HD 5
Jonathan Singer, HD 11
Mike Foote, HD 12
KC Becker, HD 13
Tony Exum Sr., HD 17
Pete Lee, HD 18
Jessie Danielson, HD 21
Diane Mitsch Bush, HD 26
Brittany Pettersen, HD 28
Tracy Kraft Tharp, HD 29
Joe Salazar, HD 31
Steve Lebsock, HD 34
Faith Winter, HD 35
Janet Buckner, HD 40
Jovan Melton, HD 41
Daneya Esgar, HD 46
Dave Young, HD 50
Joann Ginal, HD 52
Jeni James Arndt, HD 53
Millie Hamner, HD 61

John Kefalas, SD 14
Matt Jones, SD 17
Rachel Zenzinger, SD 19
Dominick Moreno, SD 21
Jenise May, SD 25
Daniel Kagan, SD 26
Nancy Todd, SD 28

New candidates:
Barbara McLachlan, House District 59

Candidates for local elected office:
Eva Henry, Adams County Commission
Gwen Lachelt, LaPlata County Commission
Tim Corrigan, Routt County Commission


For Immediate Release: May 17, 2016
Contact: Jessica Goad, Communications Director, 720-206-4235