Conservation Colorado Executive Director Pete Maysmith made the following comments about President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees:

Scott Pruitt for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

“It is extremely disconcerting to hear that President-elect Trump has nominated a climate denier to lead the EPA. His record of putting profits ahead of people is crosswise with Colorado’s commitment to a clean future. We urge Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to vote against this reckless nominee and instead prioritize the health of Colorado’s air, land, water, and people.”

Representative Ryan Zinke for Secretary of Interior

“Rep. Zinke’s track record on public lands is confusing and inconsistent. He has made strong statements against privatizing our public lands, but has also voted for bills that would do just that.

We are deeply alarmed by his claim that climate change is “not a settled science,” a troubling statement from someone who will lead some of the best scientists in the nation at the U.S. Geological Survey, National Park Service, and other agencies. Additionally, Rep. Zinke has a three percent score on the League of Conservation Voters’ annual scorecard, having voted the wrong way on 34 out of the 35 votes scored.

The bottom line is that Coloradans need an Interior Secretary who understands the value of protecting public lands, moving towards a clean energy future, and supporting our booming outdoor recreation economy. We hope that Rep. Zinke will embody those values.”

Governor Rick Perry for Department of Energy

“Governor Rick Perry is a miserable choice to lead the Department of Energy. His refusal to accept climate science is alarming and distressing, as is the desire that he articulated in 2011 to eliminate the agency while embarrassingly forgetting its name.

“We are also incredibly concerned about his prioritization of fossil energy over clean renewable technologies. Colorado is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and is a leader in cleantech research and industry, which have supported myriad jobs and economic development in our state. We need a Secretary of Energy who embraces the inevitability of a clean energy future rather than someone who wants to hamper these booming industries and take us backward.

“We urge our Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to vote against this nominee and instead encourage President-elect Trump to nominate someone who is more in line with Colorado’s values and economic momentum.”

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr