About COBA


Our mission is to unite business leaders from across Colorado’s outdoor recreation economy and emerging industries to conserve and protect access to our public lands.

Colorado’s world-class economy is founded in the rushing rivers, winding canyons, and stunning vistas of our shared public lands. From the easily accessible Hanging Lake to the secluded backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado’s public lands provide a playground for every interest and our local businesses thrive in helping connect people to nature.

That’s why the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (COBA) has set out to strengthen public lands protections by amplifying the presence of business voices. COBA unites outdoor recreation businesses and businesses who love the outdoors around the state to build a consistent, sustained, and notable advocacy presence for this emerging economy.

Together, businesses of all sizes are standing together to safeguard our treasured public lands for generations to come.

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What is COBA?

The Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (COBA) is a coalition of Colorado’s leading outdoor recreation businesses and businesses who love the outdoors that recognize the fundamental role public lands play in sustaining the Colorado’s emerging economy. Our public lands are essential to our industries, our way of life, and our bottom line. COBA fights for policies that protect and enhance our outdoor heritage through both state and federal action.

micha_backpackingColorado’s public lands form the backbone of our outdoor recreation economy. (Stats pulled from 2017 OIA Outdoor Rec Economy report)
  • Over 96% of Coloradans have visited public lands within the last year
  • 71% of Colorado residents participate in outdoor recreation each year
  • Over 45 million visits to Colorado’s public lands in 2012 (Colorado Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2014), and demand continues to grow
  • $28 billion in consumer spending
  • $2 billion in state and local tax revenue
  • $9.7 billion in wages and salaries each year
  • 229,000 direct in-state jobs – nearly four times the combined oil and gas industry (39,000) and mining industry (19,000)

Businesses have played pivotal roles in propelling recent conservation campaigns to success in Colorado and throughout the West. They represent an increasingly critical component of recent conservation wins, such as the permanent protection of Browns Canyon National Monument. COBA capitalizes on these successes, linking business leaders with Conservation Colorado’s organizational expertise to build innovative, sophisticated, stakeholder-driven conservation campaigns. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.