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At The Capitol

Turning conservation values into Colorado priorities.

Our advocacy work brings environmental issues to the forefront of state politics. Coloradans care about our environment and want our legislators to reflect those values. With the help of communities, businesses, local governments, and coalitions, we can ensure that all of our elected officials do just that.

We educate the public about the conservation positions of candidates and hold elected officials accountable for their environmental records. We track bills in the legislature, leading the fight for environmental bills while defending against anti-environmental attacks. Focusing on bipartisan collaboration, we promote protection of Colorado’s air, land, water, and people.

We know that Coloradans are with us. According to the 2015 Colorado College State of the Rockies poll, 72% of Coloradans believe that public lands belong to all Americans. The same poll showed that 78% of Coloradans support using our water more wisely, and 76% want their leaders to pursue renewable energy. It is indisputable that Coloradans care about their environment and want their legislators to do the same.

Our role is to empower people to engage with decision makers on these important issues.

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Find factual, nonpartisan information about how each member of the legislature voted on important issues that affect Colorado’s air, land, water, and people.

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