Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Values

Conservation Colorado is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive organization and being a leader in the broader conservation community to ensure diversity, equity and inclusivity are integral parts of our work. All Coloradans should be fully represented and engaged as we work to build as powerful a conservation movement as we can.

Our commitment means:

– We are developing deep and authentic relationships to:

  • further a broad set of conservation goals;
  • understand the goals of communities with which we work;
  • find ways to eliminate barriers that have prevented full participation; and
  • seek common ground and work collaboratively for the long-term.

– We are fostering diversity and inclusiveness as an ongoing process requiring continuous awareness and diligence. It is not a project or task with an end point. We define diversity broadly to include race, ethnicity, geographies, political affiliation, and all other identities represented in Colorado.

– We are identifying, engaging, investing in, and listening to community leaders as we work towards a more representative and inclusive conservation movement and making choices consistent with those investments.

– When working in new communities, we are conscious of the issues facing those communities, our potential impacts and the need to follow through on clear commitments.

– We are integrating diversity and inclusiveness values throughout our programs and organizational structure.