Our Climate

Acting on climate by making clean air and clean energy our state’s priority.

Climate change is more than a scientific consensus — it’s our future if we don’t act now. Colorado is especially vulnerable to rising temperatures and a decreasing water supply, which would hugely impact our people, plants, animals, and ecosystems. At the same time, fossil fuel resources are being extracted across our landscapes. We work to make sure that development is balanced with protecting our land, air, water, wildlife, and communities.

Act on ClimateWe are demanding that our elected leaders tackle climate change and make it a policy priority. Coloradans know from experience that we can use the power of the sun and the wind to fulfill our energy needs AND boost our economy. Reducing carbon pollution goes hand-in-hand with healthier air, cleaner energy, energy efficiency, and more sustainable transportation. These developments reduce energy costs, put dollars back into the pockets of families and businesses, and increase our energy independence.

It’s important for future generations of Coloradans that we make fighting climate change a priority.

Colorado must lead in curbing carbon pollution

Without action at the federal level, Governor Hickenlooper can move Colorado on a path to reduce our carbon pollution at the state level.

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