Finangi Manganez – Protegete Community Organizer

Finangi (2)Finangi Manganez was born in Caracas, Venezuela and came to this wonderful country fourteen years ago. She worked with Protégete on the “Ya es Hora Ciudadania” citizenship workshop campaign as the Registration Coordinator, where she helped more than two hundred legal permanent residents become U.S. citizens. Finangi showed her passion, dedication and hard work to engage the Latino community, which led her to her current position of Protégete Community Organizer in Adams County. Finangi dedicates her extra time with SOS Venezuela Denver, an organization that helps the Venezuelan community in Colorado. She helped launch and organize the first-ever Venezuelan independence festival in Denver to unite the Venezuelan community in Colorado to help them be closer to their roots, culture, music, food and traditions. Finangi has also been heavily involved and responsible for the creation of other events for the Latino community. She loves spending time with her family and is passionate about working for the community.