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Clean Transportation

Light Rail TransportationLarge trucks, passenger cars, and airplanes have always significantly contributed to greenhouse gas emissions, but as of 2016 the transportation sector is now the #1 source of emissions in the country. As Colorado’s population booms, we need to be looking forward and ensuring smart growth for our communities while also reducing carbon pollution.

Cleaning up our transportation system is a major public health and environmental justice issue. Smog-forming pollutants from traffic can cause a range of health problems, from asthma to other cardio and respiratory issues. Low-income and communities of color are more impacted by transportation pollution, as studies show that there is evidence of a widening racial and economic gap when it comes to air pollution. 

We’re working to clean up Colorado’s transportation sector by:

  • Making sure Colorado’s share of the Volkswagen Settlement is spent in the best way to reduce pollution and improve health. 

When VW was caught cheating on emissions tests, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed suit for violations of the Clean Air Act. The company and the DOJ reached a partial settlement, from which Colorado will receive $61.3 million to reduce emissions. Read more >>

  • Legislation to improve Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure

Colorado is currently the best state in the nation for buying an electric vehicle due to tax incentives. But it’s important that we also make it the best state in the nation to drive an EV.  A key reason that EV charging infrastructure is lacking is because Colorado’s utilities are prohibited from investing in EV charging stations. We’ll be pursuing legislation to change this and boost EVs in our state.

  • Funding for smart transportation growth

Smart growth includes transit projects, managed lanes, reducing congestion, and improving pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. This is crucial to ensuring a better future for Colorado’s transportation that will reduce pollution and improve efficiency and speed of travel. In order to secure funding for projects like these, we’re pursuing several different options with our legislative champions. 

highway-216090_1280What the Results of Volkswagen’s Cheating Scandal Could Mean For Colorado

Volkswagen admitted that 11 million of their vehicles worldwide were equipped with software that allowed the cars to cheat during emissions tests, making it seem like the vehicles were ultra-clean when in reality they were polluting far over legal limits. Because of this, Colorado will receive $61.3 million to be used for certain activities to reduce emissions. Read more >>

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