Dirty Fuels

Colorado bears the burden of providing fossil fuel resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas to the rest of the country. Some of the areas being developed for energy are among the last pristine landscapes in the region. Increasingly, Colorado is also seeing unprecedented levels of energy development on the Front Range near densely-populated communities.

As energy exploration across the state continues at a rapid pace, Conservation Colorado is working to make sure that development is balanced with the protection of our land, air, water, wildlife, and communities. Our work also focuses on ensuring that the best management practices and policies for extractive industries are in place at local, regional, and state levels.

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Coming Soon Thorton MapFor years, residential drilling has taken place across Colorado. But recently it has moved into close proximity to homes, schools, and hospitals.

Conservation Colorado’s mapping project, “Coming Soon“, seeks to make publicly-available information on the location of oil and gas leases and mineral rights owned by oil and gas companies accessible to the residents of communities that will be impacted.

Our maps which show oil and gas leases, mineral rights held by oil and gas companies, and active wells throughout the county, all overlaid over maps showing individual streets, cities, and schools, parks and opens spaces.

Though the current projects have information for Adams and Arapahoe Counties, this expansion of leases is happening in communities across Colorado. At Conservation Colorado, it is our goal to illustrate the realities of oil and gas development in our neighborhoods so communities can be effectively protected from the public health, safety, and environmental impacts of this mega-industrial activity.



Coming Soon, Adams County, 2016, oil and gas, fracking

Press Release:

Coming Soon: Drilling and Fracking at Adam’s County’s Doorstep – February 18, 2016


Oil and gas leases, mineral rights cover 64 percent of Adams County – John Aguilar, Denver Post

New website maps fracking in Adams County – Kelsey Ray, Colorado Independent

New maps show where oil and gas activity might occur in Adams County – Cathy Proctor, Denver Business Journal

New maps show where oil and gas activity might occur in Adams County – 9News*** (DBJ re-post)

2307883161_21876335e4_oGiven the imperative to shift to cleaner sources of energy, we know that it is time that all of us in the environmental sphere put real energy and resources into partnering with communities on how they can not only weather, but thrive and make progress in the 21st century economy.

Conservation Colorado plans to make rural economic revitalization one of our top priorities for the 2017 legislative session, and to work to pass bills that provide access to financial support and other tools with which to build rural economies. This is because we believe that all people, whether they live in urban or rural areas, deserve the same opportunity to prosper in the new energy economy.

Read more from Pete Maysmith, Executive Director, in his op-ed in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. >>

Coming Soon: Residential Drilling

Oil and gas drilling and fracking are coming soon across Colorado, visit the website to find out more and take action!

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