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Greater Sage Grouse

Greater Sage Grouse on a Lek

Greater Sage-Grouse on a lek

The Greater Sage-Grouse is an important indicator species for the West’s sagebrush steppe – and is threatened by a tremendous amount of energy development and other disturbances. The bird’s decline is a warning sign that our Western lands, clean air and water, and wildlife are at risk. By protecting these birds we protect the land and water that all of us – from hunters and hikers to anglers and ranchers – value and enjoy. Conservation Colorado is engaged in protecting this imperiled bird’s habitat throughout Colorado.

  • The Greater Sage-Grouse is an icon of the west. Conserving its habitat is a boon to the more than 350 species that share the sagebrush sea.
  • The protection plan was developed with unprecedented collaboration between local, state, and federal stakeholders to meet the needs of diverse interests.
  • Protecting habitat for sage-grouse also means fostering local economies that can capitalize on the unique outdoor amenities of Northwest Colorado.
  • Ranch lands and wildlife habitat are often one in the same. When we conserve grouse habitat, we help ensure future ranching opportunities will be fruitful.

Our work for the Greater Sage-Grouse has lasted over a decade and has included grassroots organizing, raising awareness of the species, and working with diverse interests to ensure the best protection plan for the bird. As we move forward with a collaborative approach to preserving its habitat, we will focus on holding various people and entities accountable to the plan.

Sage Grouse, Tours, Lek, Public LandsSage-Grouse Tours 

After five years of fantastic experiences, Conservation Colorado no longer offers tours to see the Greater Sage-Grouse mating dance, but tours will be offered in spring 2016 by Red Coyote Adventure! Call 970-723-4600 or email northparkchamber@outlook.com for more information.

Blog Posts

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“Our Conservation Colorado team scored a major touchdown on September 22, when Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced that Greater sage grouse do not need the protection of the Endangered Species Act.” Read on to find out how we reached this victory and what lies ahead for our favorite bird.

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“Here in Colorado we know the importance of snow for our winter recreation, but did you know that snow is also critical to the survival of the Greater sage grouse?” Read on to find out why grouse need snow!


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