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Promotores Program


Protegete Promotores GraduationProtégete has graduated over 100 Promotores!

The curriculum is focused on building leaders by providing the resources, knowledge and leadership skills to organize local communities and hold elected officials accountable when they no longer represent the values of the people who elected them into office in the first place.

The Colorado Latino population is the eighth largest in the nation, about 21% of the state’s population, and growing. Yet for a variety of institutional and economic reasons, Latinos have not historically been part of the political process and have too often been overlooked in the fight to curb carbon pollution and combat climate change.

Thirty-five of our promotores, many of whom are Latina mothers and youth volunteers, testified at community hearings sponsored by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment on the implementation of the Clean Power Plan. Because of these efforts, the level of Latino community participation reached unprecedented heights in events that are normally unknown to the community. 

The ongoing success of the Promotores program is a big step in the right direction for our environment, and for our Colorado community.

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Protégete: Nuestro Aire, Nuestro Salud. Elevating Latino voices to join the fight for healthy air.

Promotores Classes

Climate Work “Half of all Latinos live in the most polluted cities in the country, two out of five Latinos live within 30 miles of polluting power plants and Latino children have a 40 percent greater chance of dying of asthma.”


Mi experiencia como Promotora de Justicia y Acción Ambiental – Read the story of one of our Promotoras, available in English and in Spanish.

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