Southern Front Range Wildlands

ECO RMP Hikers, Hindman Gulch, Public LandsThe southern Front Range contains some of our state’s most popular recreational opportunities, and is also the source of a large portion of our water supply. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is currently developing plans for the area that will affect how it is managed the next 20 years, so input from passionate individuals is key.

The wild lands in this region are home to a wide variety of wildlife and are important for recreation near Colorado’s growing urban population centers. There are several large-scale plans that will affect the future for wide swaths of land from planning in the new Browns Canyon National Monument to the Pike – San Isabel National Forest.

  • Decisions made in the next few years will include how to balance conservation interests, recreation opportunities, and resource development.
  • Not only will these plans affect critical wildlife habitat, but it may also impact the water quality in rivers that quench the populations on the Front Range.
  • Many people will be offering input to these plans, so if we don’t work to add conservation-focused voices into the conversation, it could be monopolized by industry advocates.

Our role is to connect the people who love and value these wild places with the planning processes that are happening through federal agencies. It’s important for local voices to be heard so that the plans reflect what the people who know these places want. 

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