Press Statement: Momentum builds for CORE; Colorado Wilderness Acts

Combined, the two bills conserve more than one million acres of public lands in Colorado

DENVER — Today, the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) and Colorado Wilderness Acts passed the U.S. House on a bipartisan vote as part of the Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act package of legislation, also known as PAW+.

Both bills were passed by the House during the 116th Congress with bipartisan support and failed to be brought forward for a vote on the Senate floor. With a pro-conservation majority in the U.S. Senate and an endorsement of the CORE Act from President Biden, we look forward to both bills becoming law.

Conservation Colorado’s executive director Kelly Nordini released the following statement:

“In passing the CORE and Colorado Wilderness Acts, the U.S. House moved us one step closer to protecting some of Colorado’s most popular, iconic, and historic places. Thanks to the hard work of so many, our state and nation are one step closer to meeting the 30×30 vision of conserving 30 percent of our land and water by 2030.”