This is a tragedy. No doubt about that.

Headlines across Colorado and national outlets have spread this recent development far and wide; the Animas turned orange, and that’s a big problem.
August 13, 2015/by Angela Simental

Celebrating Browns Canyon National Monument

As I head to Buena Vista this weekend for the official dedication of Browns Canyon National Monument, it is with a heart full of emotions.
July 18, 2015/by Angela Simental

Public Lands Seizure in a Nutshell

Public land seizure has been making headlines in Colorado and across the West for years now, and lots of us aren’t quite sure what to make of it.
June 5, 2015/by Angela Simental

Top 5 Weird Sage Grouse Facts

Our fifth and final year of Greater sage grouse lek tours is underway and we wanted to share some of the reasons this species is worth protecting.
April 3, 2015/by Angela Simental
Jim Masure with his dog outside

Top 5 Sage Grouse Tour Photo Tips

Conservation Colorado’s Greater Sage Grouse “lek” Tours offer photographers a unique opportunity to capture very special inhabitants of our earth
March 24, 2015/by Angela Simental

Victory on Browns Canyon!

Last month’s designation of Browns Canyon National Monument was a tremendous victory for conservation and for Coloradans.
February 27, 2015/by Angela Simental

Victory on Hermosa Creek!

Here in Southwestern Colorado, we are celebrating the recent passage of the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act with some backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and fly fishing.
January 30, 2015/by Angela Simental

10 accomplishments of 2014

Here in Colorado, the oil and gas industry has had too much influence for too long while our communities and environment suffer.
December 27, 2014/by Angela Simental

The Importance of Roan

Despite being completely different ecosystems and Vermillion suffering a serious attention deficiency in comparison to Roan, the places are close relatives.
December 4, 2014/by Angela Simental

Top 5 Must Do’s for Grand Junction

Have you heard? For the FIRST time in history the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed limits for unnecessary carbon pollution from power plants in the U.S.— and IT’S A BIG DEAL!
June 27, 2014/by Angela Simental
Snow covered rocks and mesa

Grand Junction’s fighting for clean air

A newer, but nonetheless powerful and inspiring, group of concerned citizens in Mesa County is working to protect our air from harmful pollution.
February 25, 2014/by Angela Simental
Protect our #COAir rally

7 Things We Did In Our First Year

On January 1st, 2013, following a combined 60 year history of fighting for our spectacular environment, Colorado Environmental Coalition and Colorado Conservation Voters merged to create Conservation Colorado.
December 4, 2013/by Angela Simental