To protect our air, land, water, and people — who we elect to office matters.

Whether it’s minimizing the impacts of oil and gas activity on our communities, protecting wild places across our state, or taking real steps to address climate change, elected officials are in a position to greatly help – or harm – everything we love about Colorado.

Elections matter! If you care about protecting our communities and prioritizing conservation, learn who is an environmental champion and be sure to VOTE!

With a governor’s race and an opportunity to take back a pro-conservation majority in the state legislature, we could open up the possibility of making bold changes to protect our future.

2018 Elections Report

Read our 2018 elections report!


We need your support to fight back!

Does Your Legislator Prioritize The Environment?

This Colorado Legislative Conservation Scorecard highlights the priorities of the conservation community for the 2018 legislative session. Here, you will find factual, nonpartisan information on bills related to our environment and learn how each member of the state legislature voted on issues that affect Colorado’s air, land, water, and people.


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