Becca Strelitz Internship Program

“I absolutely adore the organization and everyone who works for it. Thanks again for giving a crazy kid a chance. You opened so many doors for me and helped me accomplish so many things that I’ll never forget.” – Becca Strelitz

becca strelitz

The conservation community lost one of its most dynamic and passionate members when Becca Strelitz passed away in June 2015.  Becca first became involved with Conservation Colorado as an intern in 2011 and over time became one of our best and brightest community organizers.  Her unmitigated passion for the cause gave her a powerful ability to connect with others and motivate them to act.

She was very dedicated to her work, particularly the effort to designate Browns Canyon as a National Monument. She played a pivotal role on the Conservation Colorado team in making it a reality, and it will continue to be a meaningful legacy for future generations.

We are honored to continue her legacy by introducing new people to the causes she was so proud to fight for through our internship program.

We welcome diversity and can adjust position requirements to match the needs of applicants when necessary.


There are no internships currently available.

Please check back soon for summer internships!

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