Coloradans know that our clear blue skies, clean water, wild places, and vibrant communities are what make this amazing state so special. Even Senator Cory Gardner promises to protect our natural resources and clean air. Unfortunately, Senator Gardner has repeatedly broken those promises with his votes in Washington D.C.

Time and time again, Senator Gardner has supported big polluters and special interests instead of clean air. His voting record has helped dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency and has made it harder to stop corporations from polluting the air we breathe.

After taking over $1.4 million dollars from Big Oil, it’s no wonder that Senator Gardner has voted six times to block limits on carbon pollution, seven times to protect billions in subsidies for fossil fuels, and seven times to undermine scientific reviews.

It’s time for Senator Gardner to stand up for Colorado’s communities and environment by voting to increase funding for environmental protections. Take action and urge Senator Gardner to stop protecting polluters and start protecting Coloradans.

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