Trump Administration Guts Methane Waste Rule, Allowing More Pollution and Less Oversight on Public Lands

In spite of widespread public support of the rule, the Trump administration today took steps to repeal the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Methane Waste Rule.
September 18, 2018/by Press Team
Flaring of methane

Trump Administration’s Rollback of EPA New Source Performance Standards Allows Oil and Gas Industry to Pollute Our Air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today officially began the process of rolling back safeguards that reduce waste and decrease air pollution from methane and other air pollutants.
September 11, 2018/by Press Team

Conservation Colorado Announces Kelly Nordini as New Executive Director

After conducting a nationwide search, Conservation Colorado today announced Kelly Nordini will be its new Executive Director.
August 28, 2018/by Press Team

Trump Administration Rolls Back National Clean Car Standards that Save Money, Reduce Smog

The Trump administration today released a rollback of national clean car and vehicle efficiency standards.
August 2, 2018/by Press Team

Conservation Colorado Endorses Phil Weiser for Attorney General

Conservation Colorado, the state’s largest statewide environmental advocacy organization, announced today its endorsement of Phil Weiser for attorney general.
July 24, 2018/by Press Team
Denver Capitol Building

Conservation Colorado Unveils 2018 Legislative Scorecard

Conservation Colorado today released its “2018 Conservation Scorecard,” an annual look at how every legislator voted on key environmental bills in the state legislature.
July 17, 2018/by Press Team

Conservation Colorado endorses Jared Polis for governor

Conservation Colorado, the largest statewide environmental advocacy organization in Colorado, today announced its endorsement of Jared Polis for governor.
July 11, 2018/by Press Team
Clean cars rally including inflatable inhaler

Colorado Becomes the First Interior State to Pursue Advanced Clean Car Standards

As the Trump administration rolls back federal standards, Colorado takes another step in the effort to clean up our air.
June 19, 2018/by Press Team

Milestone in “Colorado Energy Plan” Shows Colorado Leads the Nation in Low Costs for Renewables and Ratepayers

Xcel Energy, the largest electricity provider in Colorado, today took the next step in its “Colorado Energy Plan,” which provides a roadmap for how Colorado can move toward a clean energy future.
June 6, 2018/by Press Team

Conservation Colorado Lauds Passage of Bipartisan Transportation Compromise

The Colorado state Senate just moved to accept the state House amendments and repass SB 1, a bill funding Colorado transportation including significant investment in multimodal options.
May 9, 2018/by Press Team

Legislature Approves Bill to Reauthorize Lottery, Continue Funding Outdoor Recreation and Land Conservation

Today the Colorado General Assembly passed SB18-066, sending it to Governor Hickenlooper’s desk for signature.
April 16, 2018/by Press Team
Two lanes of congested traffic

Reaction to Expected Rollback of National Clean Car Standards: Bad for Colorado Wallets, Health, and Environment

News outlets are reporting that President Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are expected to begin the process of rolling back national clean car standards in the coming days.
March 30, 2018/by Press Team