Our Climate

Climate change is more than a scientific consensus — it’s our future if we don’t act now. Our Colorado climate will see hotter temperatures and less water, which will harm our people, wildlife, and economy. At the same time, fossil fuels are being extracted across our landscapes. We work to make sure that development does not override protection of our land, air, water, and communities.

colorado climate wind turbinesWe need our elected leaders to tackle the root causes of climate change as a policy priority. Coloradans know that solar and wind power can fulfill our energy needs while boosting our economy. Cutting carbon pollution will mean healthier air, cleaner energy, and more sustainable transportation. We can reduce energy costs, put dollars back into the pockets of families and businesses, and increase our energy independence.

It’s important for future generations of Coloradans that we make it a priority to fight climate change.

Take Action Against Climate Change

Our Colorado climate needs policies that will fight climate change, bring clean energy jobs and innovation to our state, and make Colorado a national leader. Add your name to stand up for Colorado communities in the fight against climate change!

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