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Our Lands

Fighting to protect Colorado’s natural heritage by preserving public lands and wilderness areas.

Conservation Colorado has been a champion of protecting wilderness and public lands for 65 years.

Preserving Colorado’s outdoors is critical for our economy, recreation, wildlife, and quality of life. A third of our state is public land, from grasslands to mountaintops, and prairies to river canyons.

Hiking on Colorado public landsWe work to ensure these lands remain wild and accessible so future generations can enjoy the natural heritage that defines Colorado. We know that protecting our public lands can only happen by building lasting partnerships, working on-the-ground with local stakeholders, and being persistent with bold goals.

Our aim is to preserve our state’s wild places so future generations have the opportunity to explore the same places we love. 

Pledge to Protect Where You Play!

Colorado’s outdoor spaces are what makes our state so great. But these lands are under constant attacks from special interest groups and anti-conservation leaders at all levels of government. Pledge to protect our access to the rivers, canyons, and peaks of Colorado today!

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