Healthy Rivers

2014-06-29 Browns rafting_bradenHealthy rivers are an essential component to Colorado’s identity, economy, and quality of life. As we place increasing demands on our rivers and streams we must also work to ensure we are protecting our water quality, flows, and the overall health of our water ways. Impacts from polluting industries, growing populations, and even stormwater all pose great threats to our water quality. We work to ensure that Colorado plays a greater role in protecting and improving our rivers, not just avoiding additional harm. It is an essential step in protecting our river-dependent agriculture, tourism and recreation economies, riparian health and fisheries, and our future water supply.

Protecting the Colorado River makes good cents

“More than $1.4 trillion in economic activity in the Colorado Basin depends on the health of the Colorado River system, and Colorado’s share is a whopping $188.95 billion.”

Instream Water Flows – Oh My!

“The Instream Flow Program protects cold and warm water fisheries, critical habitat for waterfowl and threatened or endangered fish, and riparian vegetation by making sure we have adequate water in our rivers and streams.”

Reader’s View: Looking Forward after the Gold King Mine Spill – The Colorado Independent

“What can we do to confront our state’s history of mining and pollution? Quite a bit, actually.”

Speak up for Colorado

Make your voice heard on Colorado’s most pressing water issues.

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