Public Land Seizure

Public Lands Business Sign OnColorado’s 24 million acres of national public lands are our inheritance, treasured for many reasons including access to recreation, hunting, and fishing as well as their importance to local economies. Unfortunately, a scheme to seize these public lands and turn them over to state or private hands has gained some traction around the West, including several legislative attempts here in Colorado.


Westerners, especially Coloradans, cherish our public lands as a defining emblem of our way of life, and the notion of handing these lands over to state control deeply undermines that value. This idea is backed by extremist groups and is opposed by a majority of Coloradans. We must work together to defend our spectacular wild lands from out-of-state interests willing to sell them off to the highest bidder.

Did you know?

  • A majority of Coloradans opposed public lands seizure – 72% of Colorado residents see public lands as belonging to all Americans, rather than just state residents.
  • Public lands are crucial to Colorado’s economy – outdoor recreation brings in about $13 billion every year to our state.
  • If public lands were under state control, Colorado taxpayers would be stuck with the cost of fighting wildfires and cleaning up abandoned mines. A single wildfire can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our Work

Our team is on the front lines from the Western Slope to the Front Range organizing Coloradans to stand up for our lands. We helped establish the first-in-the-nation state holiday to celebrate our public lands. At the Capitol and on the federal level, we’re working to defend against attacks on our public lands. In 2017, we expect to see continued attacks on our lands at the legislature and will rely on Coloradans like you to help us defend our shared natural heritage.


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.18.43 PMBlogs

Public Lands Seizure In A Nutshell

Why do we keep hearing about public lands seizure? Who is behind these attempts? Find the answers to your questions in this helpful blog.

The Curtain is Lifting on Public Land Seizure

Public lands seizure can be deceptive – some bills to seize our public lands are wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing! Read on to find out how to see through these efforts in Colorado.

News and Media

Colorado lawmakers declare holiday to celebrate public land

“Public land is integral to our economy. It provides for thousands of jobs. And it is the basis for the Colorado brand.”

The American Lands Council’s Efforts to Transfer Federal Public Lands To State Control

Tom Yoder interviewing Micha Rosenoer, Conservation Colorado’s West Slope Field Manager
KSJD Community Radio



This Land Is Our Land

Ask Governor Hickenlooper and your state elected officials to stand by our land and keep it public, for all of us.

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