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2016 Election Results

Colorado Senate Map

Endorsed Senate Candidate Wins

John Kefalas, SD 14
Matt Jones, SD 17
Steve Fenberg, SD 18
Rachel Zenzinger, SD 19
Dominick Moreno, SD 21
Daniel Kagan, SD 26
Nancy Todd, SD 28
Rhonda Fields, SD 29
Lois Court, SD 31
Angela Williams, SD 33
Larry Crowder, SD 35



Colorado House of Representatives Map

Endorsed House of Representatives Candidate Wins

Susan Lontine, HD 1
Alec Garnett, HD2
Jeff Bridges, HD 3
Dan Pabon, HD 4
Crisanta Duran, HD 5
Chris Hansen, HD 6
James Coleman, HD 7
Leslie Herod, HD 8
Edie Hooton, HD 10
Jonathan Singer, HD 11
Mike Foote, HD 12
KC Becker, HD 13
Tony Exum Sr., HD 17
Pete Lee, HD 18
Chris Kennedy, HD 23
Jessie Danielson, HD 24
Diane Mitsch Bush, HD 26
Brittany Pettersen, HD 28
Tracy Kraft Tharp, HD 29
Dafna Michaelson Jenet, HD 30
Joe Salazar, HD 31
Adrienne Benavidez, HD 32
Matt Gray, HD 33
Steve Lebsock, HD 34
Faith Winter, HD 35
Mike Weissman, HD 36
Janet Buckner, HD 40
Jovan Melton, HD 41
Dominique Jackson, HD 42
Daneya Esgar, HD 46
Dave Young, HD 50
Joann Ginal, HD 52
Jeni James Arndt, HD 53
Barbara McLachlan, HD 59
Millie Hamner, HD 61
Donald Valdez, HD 62



2016 Election Information

When it comes to protecting our air, land, water, and quality of life, who we elect to office matters. Whether it’s minimizing the impacts of oil and gas activity on our communities, protecting wild places across our state, or taking real steps to address climate change, elected officials are in a position to greatly help — or harm —  everything we love about Colorado.

In Colorado’s state legislature, we’ve had to fight too hard to pass commonsense environmental measures for the past several years, due to an anti-conservation majority in the Senate. This November we can change the game and elect a conservation majority in both chambers, opening the doors for real action on the issues that matter.

Elections matter. If you care about protecting our communities and prioritizing conservation, VOTE!


Unsure of how voting works in Colorado?
We’ve got you covered!

This is your one-stop shop for all you need to know about voting in Colorado.
It’s time to get out and vote — and, get your friends to vote too!







Detailed voting steps:

1. Check here to see if you’re already registered or need to update your information.

2. If you’re not registered to vote, you can do so here.

3. Find your nearest drop off box or polling place here.

4. Ask your friends to register to vote!


 Make a Contribution i_voted

Like it or not, the reality of elections today is that money plays an enormous role. We’re up against deep-pocketed funders who want to roll back what we’ve done and stand in the way of progress. We need to fight back in every way possible — and that means we need your support. Your money will help buy resources for hardworking volunteers, promote the best candidates who care about conservation, and change the game for Colorado’s future.


Know Where Your Legislators Stand

Does your legislator care about Colorado’s environment? Our Scorecard tracks how your legislators voted on key environmental issues this year! 

View the scores

   Click here to see our full list of 2016 Endorsements! vote, voting, colorado, election, elect, ballot, initiative, endorsementConservation Colorado has a thoughtful process for choosing who we endorse. In the last election in 2014, we saw 84 percent of our endorsed candidates win their races. Our endorsements this year include a number of returning champs who have consistently led on conservation issues and had strong lifetime scores on our annual legislative scorecard. In addition, we endorsed select local candidates across the state who have been leaders on conservation issues at the county level.

These pro-conservation legislators and local leaders will make conservation values a priority at the state legislature and local levels. View our press releases here and here.


Conservation Colorado has a proven track record of running targeted, effective state legislative campaigns. In the last big election in 2014, we won 84% of the races we endorsed in, 42 out of 50

We fought hard to help maintain a pro-environment majority in the Colorado House, while unfortunately, the state Senate lost it’s pro-conservation leadership. However, with the victories of Leroy Garcia and Mike Merrifield, we took back two key state Senate seats lost in the 2013 recall elections.

All told, Conservation Colorado was a major factor in the 2014 election season. Here’s our work by the numbers — and we’re planning to exceed all of these in 2016.

  • Total 2014 Spending – $957,000, including $100,000 in direct contributions to candidates from our PACs and board members.
  • Total Targeted Voters – 150,000 in 5 districts
  • Radio – 3,500+ radio spots spread across a total of 12 weeks
  • Mail pieces – 29 mail pieces reaching over 150,000 targeted voters
  • Phones – 240,000+ phone calls
  • Canvass – 45,000 doors knocked
  • Digital Advertising – 6.1 million online impressions
  • Conservation Colorado Board, Staff, and Volunteers spent 164 hours knocking on 4,400 doors and 147 hours making nearly 3,000 calls.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.27.16 AM

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Here are Ten Environmental Wins for Colorado in 2016

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