Coloradans take our climate quiz


When it comes to climate pollution, not all greenhouse gases pose the same risks to our way of life — some, like methane, can be much more harmful than others.

But why?

Great question! 

We took to the streets to answer this question and see what else Coloradans know — or ought to know — about methane.

Check out our video below to test your knowledge about why methane matters and see how your answers compare!

Did you know >> Colorado became the first state in the nation to limit methane emissions from oil and gas operations. However, these regulations have not kept pace with the rapid growth in oil and gas activity, putting our air, communities, and climate at risk.

Thankfully our air quality regulators kicked off a process to reduce methane pollution from oil and gas activities. Over the next several months we’ll need your help to ensure Colorado passes regulations that keep our communities safe from this dangerous pollution. Submit a comment today with our easy-to-use tool!