Conservation Colorado’s

2019 Candidate Endorsements

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In the face of the unprecedented attacks on bedrock environmental laws that protect clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment, leadership is coming from the states — and Colorado is at the forefront. The 2019 legislative session was historic by any measure: we passed a suite of nationally-leading climate and clean energy policies; sweeping oil and gas reforms; and key lands, water, and wildlife protections. And now we have another opportunity to better protect our air, land, water, and people.

When it comes to protecting our environment, who we elect to office and how we vote on ballot measures is critical. That’s why we need YOU to use your voice at the ballot box this November 5th.

Your 2019 ballot is full of choices to make on candidates and measures. To help you make the best choices for our environment and way of life, we put together a list of our endorsements. Check ‘em out and be sure to vote by November 5th! 

Municipal Elections


Aurora is one of the most racially and economically diverse cities in the state, and it’s become a focal point for oil and gas development and transportation issues. Unfortunately, many of the current city council members are out of step with Aurora residents. 

The candidates we’ve endorsed — Omar Montgomery, Juan Marcano, Alison Coombs, and Bryan Lindstrom — are committed to protecting our communities, have strong environmental priorities and will better represent our community values.

  • Omar Montgomery for Aurora Mayor

    “I am committed to protecting our environment and open spaces. My priorities for the city include making Aurora a leader in clean energy. As mayor, I will be a champion for responsible, responsive and transparent decision making around the issues impacting our environment.”

  • Juan Marcano for Aurora City Council Ward 4

    “We must ensure that the health and safety of Aurorans is always priority one, and that we lead the way in revolutionizing the energy industry in the metro area. I look forward to the good work we can accomplish together.”

  • Alison Coombs for Aurora City Council Ward 5

    “I am committed to preserving the environment for Auroroans today and for future generations. Together we can ensure that all Aurorans have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, outdoor spaces to enjoy, and access to robust multimodal transportation options.”

  • Bryan Lindstrom for Aurora City Council Ward 6

    “I am running for city council to put our neighbors, our environment, and our city’s future at the forefront of our decision making. Together, we’ll protect our environment and our quality of life.”

Aurora: Paid for by Conservation Colorado Grassroots Action Fund, Nikki Riedt, Registered Agent; not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Commerce City

Known today as one of Colorado’s fastest-growing municipalities, Commerce City is built on a history of agriculture and industry, and has long valued community and enterprise. But as the city has grown, so too has the balance between these values. Large-scale industrial activities operating in and among residential neighborhoods have taken a serious toll on community health — and are disproportionately impacting Latinx communities. It’s past time that we prioritize the health of Commerce City residents over industrial polluters.

Pro-conservation candidates like Steve Douglas, Luz E. “Lucy” Molina, Jennifer Allen-Thomas, and Susan Noble will hold polluters accountable and fight for a healthy environment for all Commerce City residents, especially Latinx families who bear disproportionate impacts of pollution.

Conservation Colorado's Commerce City Endorsements

Commerce City: Paid for by Conservation Colorado Action Fund, Nikki Riedt, Registered Agent; not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Like many Colorado cities experiencing rapid growth, Thornton faces challenges in addressing the needs of its changing communities — from increased oil and gas operations encroaching on heavily populated neighborhoods to limited multi-modal transit options. 

But the city also has many opportunities, which is why its communities deserve pro-conservation leaders who will put the interests of our families and environment first.

Julia Marvin and Jessica Troy are bold and inclusive champions on the environment with a vision to enact strong protections for our air, lands, water and people.

Conservation Colorado's Thornton Endorsements

  • Julia Marvin for Thornton City Council Ward 2

    “As Thornton continues to grow, it’s important that we work together and are making forward-thinking and inclusive decisions to preserve our land, air and water, and keep our citizens healthy and safe, which I will do on city council.”

  • Jessica Troy for Thornton City Council Ward 3

    “Work to address climate change and protect local communities from the impacts of pollution has been invaluable to Thornton and to Colorado as a whole. I am excited to implement smart, research-based design in Thornton that will improve our community and environment.”

Thornton: Paid for by Conservation Colorado Grassroots Action Fund, Nikki Riedt, Registered Agent; not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Voting is one of the most important things you can do to protect our environment and what you love about our state. Thank you for making your voice heard and standing up for the Colorado way of life!