New Poll Shows Coloradans Support Prioritizing Health and Safety

New polling from Keating Research validates what we’ve known for years: Coloradans value protecting public health and safety, the environment, and wildlife over profits for the oil and gas industry. When asked to choose, two-thirds of Coloradans support regulations that prioritize health and safety first over the development and production of oil and gas. This preference for putting health and safety first was notably consistent across lines of age, gender, ethnicity, region, and educational attainment.

In fact, majorities of voters in every region of the state agreed it was more important to put health and safety first, including:

  • 74% of Denver/Boulder/Broomfield County residents
  • 69% of suburban Arapahoe/Jefferson County residents
  • 62% of Adams/Douglas/Larimer/Weld County residents
  • 68% of El Paso/Pueblo County residents
  • 54% of residents in the rural counties of the state


  • 72% of Unaffiliated voters prefer to put health and safety first
  • 73% of voters under age 50 prefer to put health and safety first
  • 76% of Hispanic/Latinx voters prefer to put health and safety first
  • 80% of women under 50 prefer to put health and safety first 
  • 94% of Democrats under 50 prefer to put health and safety first 

The Keating Colorado Poll results are based on a sample of 500 live-interviewer telephone surveys statewide, including 70% cell-phone interviews and 30% land-line interviews, among “active” voters statewide in Colorado. The “active” voters in this survey were randomly selected from a list of registered voters who voted in November 2016, November 2017 or November 2018, or registered to vote since November 2018. The poll was conducted from October 10-14, 2019 by Keating Research. The worst case margin of error at the 95% level for the sample of 500 is plus or minus 4.4%.