Enjoying Our Great Outdoors — Today and Years From Now

By: Brandon Mathis

Durango is an outdoor town. With mountains to climb, rivers to raft, and trails to hike, our outdoor spaces are an essential component to our Colorado way of life.

Statewide, recreation access plays an outsized role in our thriving economy and high quality of life. Each year, Colorado’s exceptional outdoor opportunities generate $28.0 billion in consumer spending and support more than 500,000 jobs, all while enhancing recreation users’ physical and emotional well-being.

At Backcountry Experience, these economic and public health benefits are always top of mind. As an outdoor retailer equipping people for adventures, it’s our job to help customers recognize these advantages and have the best experience possible — both in-store and outdoors. We pride ourselves on making it easy and fun for all people to explore the incredible natural wonders Colorado has to offer.

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Backcountry Experience supports a strong sense of community

We place our interest not on industry trends but on the particular needs and values of our customers. This has created a direct path to building a strong customer base as well as a voice in our community.

We want to be heard loud and clear that we have strong opinions about Colorado’s environmental health and the policies that influence it.  

That’s why we partner with organizations like Conservation Colorado who carry a strong message of advocacy, stewardship, and responsibility. Their coalition of Colorado-based businesses unifies our interest as conservation leaders to address the issues that matter most in our communities.

In Durango, that’s protecting our great outdoors. We feel that nature is powerful and is vital to our well-being, as individuals and a community.

Unfortunately, our lands and waters face many threats. Resource extraction and worsening climate impacts are drastically altering our outdoor experiences.

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Backcountry Experience is one of the largest outdoor retailers in the nation

Unpredictable weather like extreme drought is negatively impacting outdoor recreation opportunities. We saw this in 2017 when Durango experienced one of the driest winters on record which segued into one of the largest wildfires in Colorado’s history. Conditions were so severe that the San Juan National Forest was shut down and closed to the public — the first time it’s done so since the forest was designated a national forest more than a hundred years ago.

And long-term forecasts show that strange events like these will only become more common with climate change.

As a prominent outdoor retailer and Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (COBA) member, it’s our job to help others enjoy the outdoors — today and years from now. 

That means being informed about what policies are being proposed, raising awareness about what’s at stake, and advocating for the best possible outcomes.

Selfie of Brandon Mathis, Marketing Coordinator at Backcountry Experience

Brandon Mathis, Marketing Coordinator at Backcountry Experience

We’ve partnered with Conservation Colorado to do just that. When we heard about the work they’re doing to grow our clean energy economy, we knew right away it was something we wanted to be a part of.

Now is your opportunity to join us.

As Coloradans, it’s our responsibility to care for the landscapes that we love. A contribution to Conservation Colorado ensures that organizations, businesses, and individuals alike do their part to protect healthy, accessible outdoor spaces for generations to come.