Biden Victory Sets Stage for National Climate Action

Coloradans Reward Bold Action to Protect Climate, Air, Water, and Communities

DENVER — Today, national networks made clear that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. Pro-conservation leaders won up and down the ballot in Colorado after back-to-back legislative sessions in which members of both chambers passed nationally leading climate policy, common-sense reforms to reduce air pollution, and a critical change to ensure that public health and safety comes before oil and gas industry profits.

Conservation Colorado Executive Director Kelly Nordini released the following statement in response:

“From the presidential race down to local initiatives, Coloradans voted to support our climate and our communities. Now the work to build back better begins.

“Climate impacts are real for Coloradans, and many of our marquee races were won or lost on whether a candidate will protect our climate and communities. Coloradans weren’t distracted by greenwashing or lip service. They were clear that being an anti-public lands, pro-polluter enabler is a losing position in our state.

“We need President-elect Biden to implement his bold climate plan in the White House and support states innovating to reduce pollution and tackling climate change. It is essential that Colorado continues to be a leader. We must set an example for Washington, DC by hitting our climate targets, implementing oil and gas reforms, leading on the goal of protecting 30 percent of our land and water over the next decade, and directly confronting the impacts of environmental racism in our state.»