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Conservation Colorado Endorses Jared Polis and Dianne Primavera for Reelection​​​​​

DENVER – Conservation Colorado, the largest statewide environmental advocacy organization in Colorado, announced today the endorsement of Jared Polis and Dianne Primavera for reelection as Governor and Lieutenant Governor this November.

“Thank you to Conservation Colorado for their support, their leadership and their work to fight for Colorado’s future. The transition to lower-cost renewable energy isn’t just the right thing for Colorado’s health and safety — it’s the smart thing for jobs and our economy,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “Together, we have put Colorado on a solid path to protect our environment while also saving people money and protecting Colorado families’ ability to thrive. And together, we will keep progress going to strengthen our landmark efforts to address wildfires and drought, reduce pollution, and preserve Colorado’s clean air, water and public lands.”

“We are excited to offer Gov. Polis and Lt. Gov. Primavera our enthusiastic support as they seek reelection,” said CEO Kelly Nordini. “Coloradans expect conservation leadership from their elected officials, and since 2018 Governor Polis has been building Colorado’s progress to protect our climate, air, lands, water and communities. We look forward to continuing that progress and working together in a second term.”

Additional endorsements, including statewide constitutional offices and legislative and county commission races, will be announced as the Board votes on each candidate.