The Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance supports the Advanced Clean Cars 2 rule (ACC2)

Dear Air Quality Control Commissioners,

As Colorado Business Owners we write to thank you for considering the Advanced Clean Cars

II rule and to urge you to show national leadership by adopting the strongest rule possible. We

chose to build our lives and businesses in Colorado because of the fresh air, access to nature,

thriving communities, and the commitment to protect our environment.

As Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls is affectionately known for saying, “Picture it.” We ask

you to consider the future that we see glimpses of today – people stuck indoors due to poor

outdoor air quality that makes them sick while skis, paddle boards, and rafts sit in landfills

because water and winter sports no longer exist. As our transportation sector continues to be a

major emitter of greenhouse gasses and our climate continues to warm, our communities get

hotter, weather becomes more volatile, snowpack decreases, stream flows dwindle, wildlife is

threatened, and wildfires are an increasing threat to our health and safety. These all threaten the

Colorado way of life that we love. They also pose direct threats to a thriving economy, the ability

of Coloradans to enjoy the outdoors, and the livelihood of the tourism industry. The Advanced

Clean Cars II rulemaking represents a critical moment for the future of our communities and

climate – and advancing the strongest clean cars rule possible is essential for safeguarding our

communities health and meeting our states climate goals to reduce planet warming emissions

by 100% in 2050.

Full adoption of Advanced Clean Cars II will protect the health of every community in Colorado

saving 216 lives, avoiding 200 hospital visits, and preventing 132,000 minor illnesses by 2050.

Clean air means healthy communities and the opportunity to enjoy the state’s natural resources;

bringing more people to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity or discover it. We also look forward

to the competitive advantage offered by increased investment in charging infrastructure that will

bring tourists from across the country to our communities when they realize they can roadtrip

with their electric vehicles and find reliable places to charge up.

Coupled with increased tourism demand, we are looking forward to the more than $14,000

dollars per vehicle in fuel and maintenance savings and leveraging federal investments to save

money both for our businesses and for Coloradans across the state. We encourage you to

adopt the strongest rule possible so that automakers don’t pass over Colorado to focus on

states that do.

We applaud your work in taking up Advanced Clean Cars II and urge you to continue Colorado’s

reputation as a national leader in confronting climate change by passing the strongest rule

possible and in so doing protecting our communities, environment, and economy.


Aspen Skiing Company — Aspen, CO
Aktiv Style — Aurora, CO
Be Someone Design Co. — Grand Junction, CO
CHAZM Consulting — Thornton, CO
Climate Refram, PBC — Commerce City, CO
ClimateCon!, LLC — Commerce City, CO
Glenn Randall Writing & Photography — Boulder, CO
Mountain Waters Rafting — Durango, CO
New Way Refillery — Grand Junction, CO
Stray Wild — Grand Junction, CO
Suffer Better — Denver, CO
Wild Wonder Learning — Grand Junction, CO