Trump’s Dirty Energy Agenda Comes to a Colorado Forest

Expanding one coal mine would emit enough methane to undo half of Colorado’s work to prevent methane pollution. A year ago, we reported on the West Elk Coal Mine, a highly contested mine in Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest. At that time, we and many other...

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A Look at Five Recent Oil and Gas Disasters in Colorado

The recent home explosion in Firestone is a wake-up call Update 5/2/17 3pm: The Denver Post has reported that the fatal Firestone home explosion was the result of a cut supply line running from the nearby gas well. The cut seeped volatile gas into the home that...

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Nine Things We’re Fighting For This Legislative Session

While news coming from Washington, D.C. is almost always dire for the environment, in Colorado it’s much more hopeful. So far this year in Colorado’s Capitol, it’s been an exciting legislative session for many issues. Here are some of the highlights so far on what...

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